INSIGHT is not an accident, INNOVATION is repeatable, and SUCCESS takes more than luck.

Quartz Open Framework is

  • A market-driven methodology centered on learning from your customer-base.
  • Recursive, i.e., the end of one cycle is the beginning of the next.
  • Openly used and modified through a Creative Commons International Attribution License, customize and build on Quartz as you see fit.

Most methodologies for product development, business management, and marketing provide the pieces you need to manage your project and demonstrate how those pieces fit together — like a puzzle — but they don’t provide instructions on how to assemble the puzzle properly. While elegant, these solutions can be difficult to implement in real life.

As a process framework, Quartz defines both the necessary steps and how to order them, turning innovation into a choreographed dance. Quartz also describes how the dance continues once the first version of your idea has launched.

We created Quartz with the idea that it could go as deep as an organization needs it to… Each outcome could have 6 smaller child deliverables or tasks underneath, and each of those could have children, and so forth. As the authors of Quartz, we feel it’s our job to provide a structure that works — we have left it open for you to adapt it to your organization.


You Can Get Certified in Quartz Open Framework

Through a partnership with leading product training organizations such as Under10 Consulting, Product Growth Leaders, and Market-Driven Business, we are now extending the Quartz Open Framework into Certification, as a standard, open framework for market-focused product management.

The Quartz Open Framework Certification Program is focused on certifying understanding and application of central concepts of market-focused product management.

Certification is available for product professionals, experienced implementers, and thought-leading contributors. Learn more here.

Quartz is FREE to use, OPEN with a Creative Commons License, and EASY to deploy in any organization

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