The Quartz Open Framework Certification Program is focused on certifying the application of central concepts of market-focused product management.

The Quartz Open Framework is an open product innovation methodology. It provides a common language for business across teams, remains fluid and flexible, eases bottlenecks and improves innovation velocity, and enables you to build in cross-team process and methodology integrations.
Through a partnership with leading product training organizations such as Under10 Consulting and Market-Driven Business, we are now extending the Quartz Open Framework into Certification, as a standard, open framework for market-focused product management.
Need an overview of the QuartzOpen Framework? Enjoy this quick session to learn the language of the key phases in the framework. This video walk-through will prepare you for the certification exam.

QUARTZ Certification Programs


Quartz Open Framework Certification

Certify your knowledge in the concepts and approach of the Quartz Open Framework. 

Test your knowledge of each of the components of the Quartz Open Framework and validates your
knowledge of the concepts and approach.

$95 per person (up to three attempts)

Quartz Open Framework Implementer Certification

Certify your ability to apply and implement the concepts and approach of the Quartz Open Framework.

Take the essay-based exam to show your deeper understanding of the concepts and real-world experience with applying the Quartz Open Framework. 

The Quartz Implementer Certification is available in three areas
Future (Product Strategy)
Next (Product Planning)
Now (Product Growth)

Note: Quartz Open Framework Certification is prerequisite.
$195 per person


Quartz Contributor Certification

Certify your contribution to the Quartz Open Framework

Show your commitment to Quartz Open Framework contributing to the community as a whole and furthering the value from the Quartz Open Framework. To be eligible a candidate must provide examples of their work, give back to the community (marketing, tools/templates, etc.), and provide client references.  Quartz Contributor Certification is renewable annually assuming the requirements are continuing to be met.

Prerequisite: At least one Quartz Implementer Certification.
$495 per person annually.